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Korg Unveils OPsix SE

Korg announced the release of Opsix SE, a superior version of their Opsix FM synthesizer with a high-quality all-metal design, 61-note keybed with aftertouch, and an enhanced sound engine with increased polyphony. The Opsix SE features expressive performance capabilities, a wide range of onboard effects, six Operator modes with 40 preset algorithms, a powerful step sequencer for long phrases and dramatic rhythms, and it will also come in a limited edition platinum finish and a custom hard case.

Splice introduces "Create" powered by AI

Splice has expanded its AI offerings with Splice Create, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate layered sample recommendations based on users' preferred genre. This user-friendly tool allows users to adjust the generated "Stack" by adding or removing samples, as well as basic mute/solo and volume functions.

HoRNet Releases Casette 64

HoRNet Plugins has launched Cassette64, a plugin that replicates the unique sound qualities of vintage cassette four-track recorders, including features like cassette tape emulation, a three-band EQ, hiss emulation, and tape speed control. Priced at €16.99, it provides an affordable option for adding warmth, lo-fi charm, and nostalgic cassette tape sound to music tracks.

Spectre Digital Releases Singularity Virtual Bass

Spectre Digital's Singularity Virtual Bass, a new plugin for Mac & Win, provides advanced bass sound controls using a sampled Kiesel Precision 5-string bass, with features like articulation switching, distortion types, and pitch correction.

Zak Sound Releases Downtown Grand Piano

ZAK Sound has launched Downtown Grand Piano, a virtual instrument for Mac and Windows, that combines piano sounds with city ambience through convolution reverb samples of urban noises. The plugin, crafted using multiple microphones and 1800 samples, offers 39 presets, customizable effects, and requires 2.8GB of space; it's available at a 40% discount until July 10th.

JMG Sound Releases BITPUNK

Bitpunk is a new audio plugin that enables users to manipulate two audio sources with effects like bit-swapping, bit-rate and frequency control, and added compression or saturation for unique soundscapes. Compatible with Windows 8 and above, macOS 10.10 and higher, and available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats, Bitpunk is offered at an introductory price of €19 until August 8, 2023, after which it will cost €79.

Noise Engineering Unveils Univer Inter

Noise Engineering has unveiled Univer Inter, a highly configurable MIDI-to-CV converter with eight outputs that can adapt various MIDI messages to voltage. Offering features like synchronization of in-the-rack sequencers, reset message configuration, and a wide range of output options, Univer Inter is designed for seamless integration into any system and can be chained together for complex polyphony patches; it is available for pre-order at $275 with shipping starting in late June 2023.

D16 Launches Lush-2

D16 has launched Lush-2, a comprehensive update to its multilayer polyphonic synthesizer available for Mac and Windows. This upgraded version offers up to 8 layers, enabling users to design intricate patches, with each layer customizable to any MIDI channel, keyboard zone, or one of 11 stereo buses, allowing for either massive unified sounds or distinct timbres simultaneously.

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